Nightly inferno on our Malmö visit

Malmö Turning Torso

The beer-bearing Germans in the next tent are turning their car stereo louder: Die Atzen. The campsite is popular with Malmö visitors from Germany. “Hey, das geht ab! Wir feiern die ganze Nacht!” We are going to party all night – pounds the rhythm over the tent area. It is an attempt to drown out the music coming from the camp-site reception.

During the evening, the rain intensifies, and the camp-site’s DJ now tries to compete with the thunderstorm. Lightning bolts dot the sky and in the end, the thunderstorm wins. We appreciate this as we did not share the rather peculiar music taste of neither the Germans nor the camp-site staff.

Malmö Turning Torso
The Turning Torso apartment building is a new landmark in Malmö

Sights of Malmö

Malmö itself turns out to be much nicer than its awful camp-site: On a reasonably sunny day, we can tour the city’s channels by boat, visit the newly developed harbour area with its Turning Torso, a uniquely shaped apartment high-rise and walk over to the coastal park where a cross-country horse-riding competition is just taking place. Thousands of Malmöans have come out to watch the event.

Malm Turning Torso and tourists

They are wearing skimpy dresses and very short trousers, although it’s only about 20 degrees and quite chilly with the cool sea winds coming in. Perhaps even more popular than the horse-riding is the side attraction of a rabbit hopping contest, where kids can lead rabbits along a similar jumping course with knee-high barriers to jump over.

visitors at Malmö rabbit jumping contest

What else to do on a Malmö visit?

With a small but well-presented modern art museum, Malmö has also something to offer on rainy days. We only wish that we had stayed in the much nicer camp-site in nearby Lund, a cute old university town with a splendid open-air museum, and done Malmö as day trips.   

Malmoe Modern Art Museum
We also visited the Malmö Museum of modern art

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