Eating out at Cafe Vux in Berlin

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Over the last year or so, several vegan cafés and restaurants as well as a vegan supermarket have opened in Neukölln. What better opportunity for long-term vegetarians (but not quite vegans) and Neukölln residents to try our taste buds at meatless salami, milkless cheese and eggless mayonnaise? In online ratings, people are continuously raving about the Café Vux, and we had already made two futile attempts to visit it: Once on a Monday, which was their day off, and another one on Sunday, when they do Sunday Brunch and the café is filled to the last seat 10 minutes after opening.

But today only two tables are taken. The interior design is bright and mostly white and evokes something like a Baltic Sea Spa at the turn of the century (the previous one, that is). Music plays unobtrusively in the background. There is no table service; you have to order at the counter.

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/To cover a broad range of different tastes and textures we went for a bagel with vegan chorizo, peanut butter and fresh bean sprouts (3.20 €), and a carrot cake with coconut topping (2,30 €). The bagel was difficult to eat (not enough hamburger experience), but the mixture of the hot chorizo and the creamy salty peanut butter was very interesting and delicious (immediately after the visit we went to the vegan supermarket and bought a package of this brand of chorizo). Toasting the bagel would have made the experience perfect. The carrot cake was also quite good, but it tasted a bit too much of the very sweet coconut topping.

We also like the gender-neutral toilets with „here you can sit“ and „here you can stand“ written on the door. The food as well as the atmosphere were great and will for sure come back for the brunch on Sunday.


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