The Zuiryuji Temple in Takaoka – a hidden gem

20140526 Takaoka Zuiryuji P1080019

This spring we spent several months in Japan researching for a guidebook update – and still found some (unexpected) highglights like the Zuiryuji Temple in Takaoka.

Takaoka in the Hokuriku area of central Honshu is not exactly a fixture on the tourist route. Not yet.

20140526 Takaoka Zuiryuji P1080027

Zuiryuji, a 17th century Soto Zen temple, is very classy and majestic, with an atmosphere not unlike that of famous Eiheiji – but it’s only minutes from the station by bicycle, and soon the Shinkansen will stop in Takaoka, too!

20140526 Takaoka Zuiryuji P1080032
Zazen seat cushion at the Zuiryuji Tempel

As it happened, we picked just those few hours when there was a downpour for our research in Takaoka, and pressed for time, we had to use rental bicycles to get around, umbrella in hand (very Japanese).

As for Zuiryuji, the rain only added to the atmosphere.

20140526 Takaoka Zuiryuji P1080034

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