Eating out vegan at Vaust in Berlin

vegan Sauerkraut Quiche with salad at Vaust

The vegan Brewhouse Vaust in Berlin has been on our restaurant list for a while, but as it is located in Charlottenburg (quite far from where we live) we postponed the visit several times. Last Thursday, a freezing cold day, we finally made it. After one hour of cycling through the cold, we were already somewhat grumpy and demanding. Accordingly, the restaurant would have to be quite good to make up for the hassle. Vaust didn’t do too badly by that standard.

Restaurant Vaust in Berlin

The „Vaust“ consists of two rooms, one in the front and one in the back. The wall covered with coloured tiles and the big dark wooden tables together with a pleasant lighting create a mixture between hip and traditional. The menu is quite straightforward and changes according to season. Some starters and small dishes like salads and quiches, two main dishes, and two desserts. We started with some dark bread with a small bowl of oil and boletus mushroom salt. In addition we ordered a vegan „currywurst“ for the five of us, which came on a fake cardboard tray made from porcelain, with five disposable mini forks.

Fake meat – what do the carnivores say?

We tried both main dishes plus the Sauerkraut quiche, which had a really nice texture, firm and with a somewhat crunchy crust.  The Ravioli filled with beetroot, tofu and mint in walnut sage butter had an exquisite and interesting taste. We had also ordered the vegan „mock duck“ in orange sauce with mashed potatoes.

Mock duck with mashed potato - looks like meat but is vegan
Vegan Mock Duck served with mashed potatoes

The texture of the „mock duck“ as well as of the „currywurst“ came close to the real thing (as far as we remember) and the taste was good enough, although the two carnivores in our team noted that it was not equivalent to real meat. Both didn’t think that the additional value of eating no or less meat compensated for the loss in taste. Neither did they find any specific “vegan” taste that they would seek out specifically. 

Portions were just right for us, leaving ample space for dessert – but probably too small for very hungry or larger people. For dessert, again we had both items on offer – a rich chocolate cake and pancakes, both sweet and satisfying.

As the Vaust is a vegan brewery, they serve their homebrewed beer. We found the light Pilsner a bit too hoppy but liked the dark ale. Prices were a bit higher than in Neukölln or Kreuzberg, but ok for Charlottenburg.

Where in Berlin is the Vaust restaurant?

Vaust: Pestalozzistr. 8, 10625 Berlin, 030 / 545 99 160,


  1. We dined at Vaust – an excellent vegan and organic micro-brasserie, at The Bowl – a restaurant specialized in clean eating and vegan food that’s just as good, and Daluma – a hipster bio café with mainly vegetarian dishes.

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