Glück to go – Vegetarian Burgers in Berlin

Gluecktogo Orient Express Burger

The small burger joint has only one table and a counter inside, but there’s a bit of space on the pavement for another two tables. The room of the Berlin Glück to go eatery looks down-to earth and more or less like a regular Berlin Imbiss-style diner.

What is unusual is that this burger bar only serves organic vegetarian and vegan burgers, for which they have developed a special spelt bun together with the whole food bakery Beumer & Lutum. Burgers and fries are served on a tablet with a sheet of paper without no dishes (even for the mayonnaise) – which also means no plastic at all.

Burger Menu

The menu changes a bit every week, but the “Orient Express” is one of the burgers that are always available. Apart from the vegetable patty, it includes beetroot, a tiny speck of feta cheese, and some dark sweet chutney which rather dominates the taste.

Gluecktogo Chili Burger with Mayonnaise

Natascha has a “Red Hot Chilli Chick”, which features a vegan fake chicken patty, plus, obviously, chilli sauce and ample amounts of cheese, roast onions and sweet ketchup.

The French fries are crisp enough but the taste of the seasoning mix applied before frying is quite strong. We ordered them with the “homemade mustard elderberry mayonnaise”, a somewhat

elderberry is probably an attempt to make it sound more sophisticated or exotic – how would the elderberry ever have a chance to get through the other two flavours?

Shop interior of Berlin Gluecktogo

On the whole, the taste was ok but not excellent – we found both burgers slightly too sweet (even the “Red Hot Chilli Chick”) and the organic bun a bit crumbly. The atmosphere was good, though, and the prices moderate for this area. Not quite a place where we would make a detour in order to have dinner or, but if you are in the area it’s worthwhile for a different and unusual take on burgers.

None of those on the menu are vegan (all include cheese, and the mayonnaise is also not vegan), but they do offer all burgers in a vegan version on demand.

Address of Berlin Glück to go

Glück to go, Organic Power Food, Friesenstraße 26, 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg (U-Bahn Mehringdamm, Gneisenaustraße)
Update: Glück to go is now gone …

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