Eating out vegan in Berlin: “Let it Be” – Try it out!

Burger at let it be

Even for a vegan restaurant not a perfect choice of name, but we would visit again, and there were apparently others who thought the same. On a Friday evening, the place was packed.

Berlin Spree

let it be is one of those Berlin eateries undecidedly half-way between a fast-food joint and a restaurant where the procedures are not quite clear and everyone coming in meanders awkwardly between the counter and the tables.

The menu’s on the wall, but there are also smaller menus at each table. Is it self-service or should you find a table first? Do you pay at the counter or the waitress? The small backroom is crowded with 7 tables and once you have folded onto one of the wooden benches, you won’t get up again, so it’s better to order first at the counter.

Crêpes and burgers at Let it be

Let it be declares itself a crêperie and burger bar, so in order to get the full range, we order one crêpe and one burger. The dishes bear the names of people we can’t place and we feel a bit awkward to order a Omar Rodriguez Lopez Burger and a Daryl Hannah Crepe. Immediately we assume, apprehensively, that it has to do with age – the other customers are half as old – but a quick research shows the dishes’ names belong to singers and actresses more our own age… 

Let it be restaurant in Berlin

Once seated, there’s time to check that out on your smart phone, because it takes a while before the food arrives. Or you could just sit back, relax, and talk. The music is okay and not intrusive, the interior design nice enough, and staff are friendly.

When the food finally arrives it’s surprisingly tasty. Both dishes have their own distinctive flavours. They come with large fresh salads, and the portions are generous. The Omar Rodriguez Lopez Burger has a black bean patty, is a tiny bit spicy and not piled as unmanageable high as the one at our neighbours’ table. The Daryl Hannah crêpe combines beetroot, dried tomatoes, rocket salad and a nutty pesto which makes it quite yummy. We also like the fact that the dishes do not try to imitate meat or cheese. We will be back for sure.

vegan wrap at let it be

Where is Let it be?

Address: Treptowerstr. 90, 12059 Berlin (S-Bahn: Sonnenallee), Tel.: + 49 30 – 52 66 93 68.

Unfortunately, Let it be Berlin has been closed in the meanwhile …


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